UV Woods Lamps for
Detecting Items That Fluoresce

The Woods Lamp exposes conditions that
are not visible to the naked eye!

Skin Scope

Hand Held Woods Lamp

The Hand Held Ultraviolet Woods Lamp is designed for exposing conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. The Woods light is used by numerous professions, Medical, Dermatology, Veterinary, Skin care, Law Enforcement, Military, Mineralogy and Gemology.

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Medical Woods Lamp

UV Woods Lamp with Magnifier

Our UV Woods lamp with Magnifier has been independently tested and certified by an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for product safety, meeting the needs of numerous professions.

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The Woods light has a wide number of uses
centered around one specific function:
detecting items that fluoresce.

Since many items fluoresce, Woods lamps are used in such wide-ranging professions as dermatology and esthetics, physician offices and emergency rooms, animal shelters & rescues, veterinary care, law enforcement, day care and schools.

A Woods lamp examination/inspection is just simply the shining of ultra violet light on an area or object to show fluorescence.

The Woods lamp exam must be performed in a dark room. Allow the Wood's light to shine directly on the area or object. Look for any changes in color.

When performing an inspection with a Woods light, the different conditions show up as various colors, helping the professional with the diagnoses or determination.

The Woods lamp skin analysis colors may show: Blue - healthy skin ~ White Spots - thick, horny layer of dead skin cells ~ Light Purple - dehydration ~ Dark Purple - sensitive, thin and dehydrated ~ Brown Spots - pigmentation/sun damage ~ Orange - Oily ~ Light Yellow - acne,
comedones ~ Blue-White - Hypopigmented or depigmented spots (Vitiligo) appear sharper.

Preparing for the Woods lamp Skin Exam - Clients with photosensitivity should seek medical advice, prior to a UV exam.
  1. If the skin requires cleansing, use a water based cleanser, not an oil based cleanser.
  2. The Wood lamp should be used in a totally dark room or with a light blocking drape.
  3. Do not remove the clear bulb cover, as it protects clients from the hot UV bulbs.
  4. There is no need to "warm up" the Woods lamp, as it has specially designed electronic instant start ballasts.
  5. Ask the client to close their eyes when examining the face.
  6. Hold the Woods lamp 8” to 13” away from the area to be examined. The distance depends on the diopterWhat does 'Diopter' mean?

    When looking at the various magnifiers of the Woods lamps or Skin Scope, you will see the word 'diopter'. This terms refers to the amount of the curvature of the lens. The more curvature, the thicker the lens, the more magnification and the higher diopter number.
    /focal lengthWhat does focal length mean?

    Focal length is the distance from the lens to the point where an object is in focus (focal point).

    3-diopter = 1.75x magnification at 13” focal length

    When the magnification gets larger, your focal length gets smaller.
    of your magnified viewing lens in the Woods lamp.
  7. Look for areas that fluoresce. Some colors may be very faint.
  8. Depending on the results of the exam, the professional may recommend treatment.

Professionals worldwide use Woods lamps.

In the Medical field- A Medical Woods lamps may be used to diagnose certain fungus, bacterial infections and parasites. Scabies and ringworm are examples that glow under UV light. Ophthalmologists may use a Woods light to look for scratches and foreign bodies in the cornea of the eye.

In the Esthetic field - A Skin Care Woods lamp may be used when performing a basic skin analysis to advanced chemical peels. A Woods lamp is a very useful tool to help avoid over coating of the peeling solution and ensure the even treatment of all areas. A Woods light helps the esthetician recommend the correct protocol, treatment and retail products to their clients.

In Law Enforcement work - A Forensic Woods lamp may be used to find semen stains and traces of urine. Woods lamps are found in rape kits and also play a role in investigating sexual assault cases.

Animal shelters, Rescues and Veterinary care - A Veterinary Woods lamp may help to detect fungus, bacterial infections and parasites. A careful examination of a cat with a Wood's lamp, especially inside the ears, on the face, tail and feet helps with the early detection and treatment of Ringworm. When a hair is plucked from a cat with M canis dermatophytosis, 50% or more of M canis strains produce an apple green color

In Day Care and Schools - A Woods light may help detect lice, scabies and ringworm, allowing the school to recommend the student seek professional medical care.

Art Work - The Handheld Portable Woods lamp uses ultraviolet light to help detect repairs and alterations in oil paintings, paper prints, ceramics, porcelain, and glass.

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