UV Woods Lamps for
Detecting Items That Fluoresce

The Woods Lamp exposes conditions that
are not visible to the naked eye!

Skin Scope

Hand Held Woods Lamp

The Hand Held Ultraviolet Woods Lamp is designed for numerous uses.
Exposing conditions that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • 4 UV Bulbs - Approx 5,000 hours
  • 3 Diopter Magnifying Lens
  • Color Chart
  • Light Blocking Drape
  • 90" Electric Cord for Convenient Use
  • 1 Year Limited Mfg. Warranty
  • 120 Volt
  • Not Recommended for Hospital/Medical Use.
  • Item 1956

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"Our UV Woods lamp meets OSHA Requirements."

Medical Woods Lamp

UV Woods Lamp with Magnifier

It has been independently tested and certified for product safety,
meeting the needs of numerous professions worldwide.
  • 4 UV Tubes - Approx 5,000 hours
  • 5 Diopter Magnifying Lens
  • Color Chart
  • Light Blocking Drape
  • 96" Electric cord made of heavy rolled cable for stabilizing the current and extending the lifetime of the device
  • Outside white frame made of plastic-metal composite material, not ABS plastic, for extending the heat resistant layer to avoid over heating after extended operation time.
  • 2 Year Limited Mfg. Warranty
  • 120 Volt (220 Volt available, Email us)
  • Item 1856

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FREE Shipping within the 48 contiguous US states Only.
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The Woods light has a wide number of uses
centered around one specific function:
detecting items that fluoresce.

Since many items fluoresce, Woods lamps are used in such wide-ranging professions as dermatology and esthetics, physician offices and emergency rooms, veterinary care, law enforcement, day care and schools.

When performing an inspection with a Woods light, the different conditions show up as various colors, helping the professional with the diagnoses.

Blue is healthy skin, White Spots are a thick, horny layer of dead skin cells, Light Purple is dehydration, Dark Purple is sensitive, thin and dehydrated, Brown Spots indicate pigmentation/sun damage, Orange is Oily, Light Yellow is acne, comedomes, etc.

Pityriasis versicolor-Malassezia furfur emits a Yellowish-White or Copper-Orange color.

Pathogenic pseudomonas show Green flourescence.

Erythrasma- Cornebacterium minutissimum show Coral Red.

Hypopigmented or depigmented spots (vitiligo) appear sharper under a Wood's light. The lesions appear bright Blue-White.

Detection of excess porphyrins in the teeth, urine, stool samples, red blood cells and blister fluid show Red-Pink.

Professionals worldwide use Woods lamps.

In the Medical field, Woods lamps are used to diagnose certain fungus, bacterial infections and parasites. Scabies and ringworm are examples that glow under UV light. Scratches in the cornea of the eye can also be detected.

In the Esthetic field, when performing chemical peels, a Woods lamp is a very useful guide to help over coating of the peeling solution and ensure the even treatment of all areas. Woods lamps help with assessing the protective value of sunscreens and barrier creams. A Woods lamp gives the esthetician the opportunity to recommend and sell the correct treatment, protocol and retail products to their clients.

In Law Enforcement work, a Woods lamp can be used to find semen stains and traces of urine. Woods lamps are found in rape kits and also play a role in investigating sexual assault cases.

In Veterinary care, a Woods lamp helps to detect fungus, bacterial infections and parasites. When a hair is plucked from a cat with M canis dermatophytosis, 50% of M canis strains produce an apple green color when illuminated. Ringworm is easily detected.

In Day Care and Schools, a Woods lamp can help detect lice, scabies and ringworm, allowing the school to recommend the student seek professional medical care.

In the Dental Field, a Woods light can detect excess porphyrins in the teeth.

Financial Institutions use Woods lamps to help detect counterfeit currency.

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