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"We were so happy and pleased to receive the Medical Woods lamp. We searched everywhere looking for 230V Woods lamp. We were a little hesitant about ordering from so far away. Your company took care of all of the details, you made ordering very easy."
Zara Beauty Skin Clinic The Netherlands

"Our customers Love the skin Scope!! They love being able to see their own face under the UV light. It really helps promote services and needed home care products."
Joyce Skin Deep Illinois

"The camera ready skin scope is exactly what we were looking for. Now we can take photos of our clients faces and show them the improvement of their skin issues with our professional treatments."
Maria Day Spa Owner Michigan

"I just received the Woods lamp in the past week.
I would like to thank you for your excellent care and dedication. I am very pleased with the quality and my most sincere congratulations for your excellent work."
Dr Eric Chile, South America

"My encounter with the staff at Woodslamp.net during my purchase of the "Camera Ready Skin Scope" was outstanding. My new skin scope essentially sells itself. All you have to do is "Put Them In The Box" and let the patient see what type of damage their skin has. My reputation is on the line and I must always deliver results to my patients. The skin scope is a wonderful addition to my practice. Meeting Pat was a God send!"
Michael M. M.D.P.C./ M.D. Aesthetics, New Jersey

"Thank you for all your help... you have been great to work with."
Sue, Massachusetts

"Your lamp really made a difference to us. We were able to make sure our kittens/cats were ringworm free before adopting them out. I volunteer with a rescue group and we were spending a lot of time going back and forth to the vet's office just for the vet to shine a woods lamp on the kittens/cats that we rescued. With our very own woods lamp we were able to instantly identify ringworm and treat the kittens/cats immediately, therby prevent transmitting it to other cats. This woods lamp has been a most effective tool and I recommend it to all rescue groups, or for people who let their cats go outside."
Hilda D., Res-Q-Pets

"I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my Woods lamp less than 24 hours after I ordered it. Happiness turned to dismay when I noticed two of the four bulbs did not light up. I emailed customer service and 5 minutes later received a reply from a very nice person named Pat. I was told to remove and reinsert the affected bulbs, and then email Pat back right away with the results. It worked. I think one of the bulbs must have become slightly unscrewed during shipping. The device itself appears very well made and sturdy.
"I bought the lamp to look at a friend's yellow flaky fingernail, and the nail fluoresced (lit up). This means it is likely onychomycosis (a nail fungus) and should be investigated further and treated. Woods lamps can be used to identify lots of interesting things that fluoresce - ringworm, athletes foot, fungal infections of the scalp (can cause dandruff), dry skin, oily skin, skin damage from the sun to name a few. Reporters have used them to expose the lack of sanitary conditions in hotel rooms. So yes, I'm taking my Wood's lamp with me on my next vacation."
S Gordon, Maryland

"We called Woodslamp.net to check if their UV bulbs would fit our lamp. They assured us that they had the right bulb for us. It arrived promptly and works well. We're back in business. Thank you!"
Dr. G, Veterinarian, New York

"I, who never purchase online, would do so again with Woodslamp.net. I found a strong sense of security in purchasing, my order was processed and shipped in a timely manner as promised and my skin scope arrived in pristine condition. Who could ask for any better than that?! My clients that took advantage of the skin-scope session were highly impressed with the technology and with my evaluation of their skin issues. It led to not only bookings of facials but to increased sales of skincare products."
Jeannette, Day Spa Owner, New Jersey

"The Woods lamp arrived and is perfect for what we need. Thanks for all your assistance."
Nancy, Wisconsin

"The quality of the Medical Woods lamp is unbelievable, not like the rest of the junk on the market. I am very happy with my new Woods lamp."
Kia, Jacksonville, NC

"We purchased your skin scope last month with high hopes of increasing our skin care treatments. It actually increased both our treatments and product sales!!! We are thrilled with our purchase of the skin scope."
Judi, West Palm Beach, FL

"Wow, I'm overwhelmed by your efforts and help in this matter. I can't say enough good about you and your company. Your caring for animals comes through loud and clear.
Thanks to you, I've been able to accomplish one of my goals for the shelter and our cat & kitten foster program earlier than expected.
We will make good use of the Woods lamp with the more than 500 cats and kittens we foster each year, and the other 3500 animals our shelter takes in annually. Thanks so much!"
Marlene, British Columbia, Canada

"I'm a Personal Care Brand Manager for a natural supplement line and a licensed esthetician; about a year ago I had purchased a Skin Scope from Woodslamp.net.
I use it quite a bit with my job, doing skin analysis at our retail locations and at conventions.
It's been very popular and the customers love it!!!
After 11 months, we had an issue (ballast cracked) with the machine and contacted the company. I received help immediately and they were flexible and willing to work with me in order to get the machine fixed or replaced, since I use the skin scope so much.
I highly recommend buying the Skin Scope from Woodslamp.net for the product availability and the excellent customer service that I received."
Kim, Personal Care & Outbound Sales Manager
NOW Health Group, IL

Our Medical Woods lamp was featured on the "Doctors TV Show" on September 29th, 2009.
The doctors used our Woods lamp to demonstrate the proper application of sun block.
A special thanks to Woodslamp.net is noted on their website.
CBS Paramount, Hollywood, CA

"Our purchase of the skin scope was the best marketing idea ever. We leave the unit on a table for all to see. The clients are quite curious about the unit and always ask "what is that machine?" They are more than willing to give it a try. After seeing their skin they start scheduling appointments and buy products.

Who knew marketing was so easy."
Elaine, Day Spa Owner, Atlanta, GA

"Everything is going really great and the scopes are a BIG hit with our salons!"
Aveda, Chicago, IL

"We love our Woods lamp, it really helps with a skin analysis"
Samantha, Singapore

"Our purchase of the Skin Scanner has really been wonderful. The unit not only helps us do a proper skin analysis, but allows us to educate our clients by showing them their skin troubles. It is now so easy to give the clients a correct prescription and products. Our sales are up. We're happy and our clients are happy too, because they can now see their results"
Sharon, The Skin & Body Clinic - Ireland

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